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Onderwerp: DTM bestand omzetten naar een VIDEO TS bestand

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    20 januari 2011
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    DTM bestand omzetten naar een VIDEO TS bestand


    Ik heb een DTM bestand en wil deze omzetten naar een VIDEO TS bestand zodat ik deze kan afspelen op een dvd speler.

    Heeft iemand een idee hoe dit mogelijk is?

    Met vriendelijke groeten;

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    23 februari 2001
    is niet mogelijk....
    dit is een audiobestand van het programma Digitracker

    What is DTM file extension?
    Do you by any chance know the file with DTM extension? Are you puzzled by the DTM file? As far as we know, the DTM file extension commonly is an audio file(.UNI, .ULW, .XT) associated with a music program named "Digitrekker" which is a music writing software that automates the writing of music and music sheet engraving in your local computer. As a matter of fact, the DTM file has more than one type description, such as Surpac Vision data repository, Softshare Delta translation map, Topocad file and DeFy Adlib Tracker.
    Main functions of DTM file extension:
    As has been said above, the DTM file extension is associated with "Digitrekker", therefore, it is used as a mod file(.EMD, .VCM, .MOD), that is to say, the DTM file is utilized to store different pages of music data or patterns in a spreadsheet-like manner. In a pattern, note numbers, controller messages, and instrument numbers are presented. When the DTM file extension is related to Softshare Delta translation map, it is used for translating of any-to-any data.
    How to open DTM file extension?
    After knowing about what is DTM file extension is in order to make clear that how to open DTM files. As a new and fresh file, the simplest way to open a DTM file extension is to double-click on it. If there is no program opens the DTM file, it means that you don't have an application to open or edit the DTM files. So, a correct program must be installed to open the DTM file extension.

    Followings are useful programs that support to open DTM files. Just click it.

    Programs can open DTM file on Windows
    Prodatron DigiTrakker
    This software is solely for IBM-compatible computers and runs on a DOS platform. It is a shareware program that requires a certain kind of sound card, in particular a Gravis Ultrasound or a Soundblaster, to run on your local machine.
    Programs can open DTM file on Mac
    CocoModX is a freeware audio player module for Mac OS X. It is capable of reading AHX, AMS, AMF, ASY, CBA, DIGI, DSM.

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