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Onderwerp: Firebase- en SQL-operators

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    22 september 2022
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    Firebase- en SQL-operators

    I would like to ask because I am very confused about something. I can't find it anywhere. Does Firestore 1) support entire operators of SQL SELECT? 2) it doesn't support SQL SELECT? 3) or support a small number of SQL SELECT operators ?

    which one is true? I'm asking that question because I see it somewhere and I can't remember where. The problem is that I know a lot about firebase. I know and for the local database. I know when we use firebase we use some SQL or we can make it in the website. I'm trying the search theory on this, but I haven't found anything similar. What is your point of view?
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    10 april 2019
    Firebase is geen SQL database. De data worden in Jason formaat (gelijkend op XML) opgeslagen.
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