restore taskbar icons after Explorer crash

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11 okt 2002

If you have ever experienced an Explorer.exe crash, you will be familiar with the fact that it removes all your icons from the system tray until the next reboot. A lot of times, this means that you cannot easily access the applications, that were running in the system tray without having to reboot your system, which would mean to close up everything, disconnect your internet connection etc. Correctif Explorer searches through your startup software, if any programs are still running, it stops them and launches them again, saving you the time and hassle of a reboot. The program also comes with an additional prevention feature, which however requires a minimum of 64mb ram.

License: Freeware
Windows: 95/98
File size: 1154 kb


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Verplaatst naar Windows 95/98 > Programma's.
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